About us

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Novin Kaveh Kohandejh Co. launched in the industrial zone of the Shahre Abrisham with 10 accurate furnace, hardness testing and metallography laboratory in 1999.

New unit was established in Najaf Abad industrial zone No.2 in erea of 4000 square meters in 2008.

This unit has 1400 square meters hall, 350 squar meters office and laboratory building, 4 pit furnace with 8 m depth, 3 induction furnace with power of 320KW

The purpose of stablishing this unt is implementation of volumetric and induction heat treatment at rate of 4000 tons per year and building heat treatment furnaces.

Maching part were added to this cmplex in rder to production cutting blade,new brand "Kavian Tigh".

Ancillary facilities

1.    Oil bath with capacity of 4000 liters,7.5m depth with cooling system specially volumetric heat treatment.

2.    Water bath with 50000 liters capacity,7m depth with cooling system spacially for volumetric heat treatment.

3.    Water bath with capacity of 200000 liters with cooling system specially for induction heat treatment.

4.    2table and 4 portable hardness tester metallography laboratory.

5.    Heat treatment graphing system installed in all furnaces.

6.    Straightening press with capacity of 450 tones.

7.    2 universal milling, flat magnetic stone with 1.5 m length(for production line of cutting blades)

8.    The crane with capacity of20 tones and speed of 20 meters per minute to quick dipping pieces in oil and water.(5pcs)